The Year of New Experiences: January


The theme for my 2019 is "The Year of New Experiences," with the goal of trying something new every day. I met my goal for January, and in this post are some of my favorite new experiences from the last 31 days.


Westworld is the First Annual Hunger Games!


To celebrate the finale of season 2 of Westworld, I'd like to present my theory connecting the two universes of Westworld and Hunger Games. These two franchises have way more in common than just Jeffrey Wright playing a tech wizard.


Querying Quandaries (a.k.a. how to read 12 chapters of my next book)


I'm up to 14 rejections on my second manuscript, but have by no means lost any faith. Read to learn why.


My First Time as a Guest Blogger!


As you probably know from my intermittent blog posts...I'm still not an adamant blogger. However, I have been asked to write my first guest article...


Why Planet of the Apes is Better than Star Wars


I am a fanatic of the Planet of the Apes franchise. So much, in fact, that I'd argue it is the best movie series of all time. Here, I describe the reasons why I love all the movies since the original in 1968, and why I think it deserves way more credit.


Couldn't Have Said it Better Myself


This post contains a critique I received recently about one of the chapters in my book. It was like a book analysis any author dreams of. I hope there's more to come of descriptions like this. Maybe I'll even have Victor write a foreword for me.


Passions Intertwined


I've always had writing and music as passions in my life, but it can be difficult to juggle both on top of everything else. This is how I make sure I always have one to go along with the other.


I Shall Not Be Doomed


Here you will read a to-do list I have made for myself in my own celebration of Thanksgiving, and the completion of my next book manuscript. Each of the six points are something I could have done, or done more, in my previous publication adventure.


Photo Contest Winners!


Click here to find out who the winners are...


My Masters Thesis


Get a glimpse into my other writing career in the academic field.