My First Time as a Guest Blogger!

As you probably know from my intermittent blog posts...I'm still not an adamant blogger. However, I have been asked to write my first guest article on a fitness blog by fellow-author Greg Hickey. We are both science fiction authors, but more importantly are both into fitness-related professions. He has previously been a baseball player and personal trainer, and I am studying sport psychology at Michigan State University.  We've corresponded for a good while now, and he has asked me to write an article for his blog based on a series he would like to have on mindfulness.

Mindfulness is penetrating into the mainstream as a helpful tool in sports and beyond. I thought I'd bring a scientific perspective based on some of my article readings over the last few years. Though mindfulness is not my specialization, I find it an interesting subject and added my perspective to Hickey's Kinesophy blog.

Interested in reading? Find it here:


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