Passions Intertwined



I recently learned that I had a great uncle who was a popular singer in India. He sang traditional Indian music for years, even recording a live album that can now be found on Spotify. It seems that music is in my blood, as it has always played a role in my life. When I was in middle school, I was in choir; then I’d come home and produce my own rap music. That doesn’t make me very unique…it sounds like most teen-aged boys have an “aspiring musician” phase.

While my musician phase lasted between the ages of 11 and 18, my other passion of writing has always existed. I remember my first book, The Three Sports Brothers—a twenty-seven-page action story based around myself and two of my friends. I moved away from fiction for the 8 years I spent pursuing a rap career. A talent agent told me I had the looks and the lyrics, but lacked the stage presence. He recommended I take acting or public speaking classes…I didn’t.

But shortly thereafter, I started writing my first novel. Four years of writing, and it was finally published. As I continue to write science fiction, I slowly begin to wake from the dream of becoming the next Jay-Z or Kendrick Lamar, and hope to realize my dream of becoming the next Philip K. Dick or P.D. James.

While I pursue authorship, my two passions of music and writing have remained intertwined. I can’t write without something playing in the background. Nodding my head with the rhythm of the music causes my body to naturally move faster to remain in time with the music, and I feel the music enhancing my writing with every word.

Two Spotify playlists have fueled my writing. The first is my Writing Playlist. As the name entails, these are songs I listen to while I write or do any type of homework. These mellow, rhythmic songs are just enough to drown out other distractions without becoming distractions themselves. There is a variety of music, from movie scores to hip-hop instrumentals. Feel free to follow, or even recommend some songs that might be fitting. I’m constantly deleting and adding songs in search of the perfect writing playlist. (But one artist I'll never delete from the playlist is my great uncle--Dr. Sripada Pinakapani)

The second playlist is not public yet, as it is a musical companion to my second book, The Sex Amendments. In a way, it is my musical Magnum Opus. Two songs per chapter, this playlist also has variety in order to fit the writing of the novel. Whether it is the feel of the song, the message, or just the title, each of these songs has been hand-picked to complement the chapter it has been assigned to. I can’t make it public yet because there would be spoilers for the book. Soon enough, I will publicly release a “Preview” playlist to create some buzz about the book release. Until then, I hope you enjoy my writing playlist and use it however you need to improve your production.

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