The 110 Best Dystopian Novels

Immortal Peace makes it clear that I am a lover of science fiction. As such, dystopian novels really entice me. My next novel is a post-apocalypse, dystopian novel, so I have quite a bit of research left to do. Much of that research involves reading up on other dystopian novels to find what works and what would be unique. I've come up on this list through a group on Goodreads, and felt the need to share it. This is a list of 110 dystopian novels put together by Greg Hickey, who consulted with many colleagues and authors to create the list. I've read a few, seen some movies, and am currently reading The Atlantis Gene. I plan to continue making my way down this list as I write my next novel. Feel free to join me and let you know what you think.

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