The Little Things

Immortal Peace was a four-year project. I remember sitting at home and telling my roommates that I was going to write a book. I didn't have specific intentions, and may not have even expected it to turn out to be a finished product. Yet here it is, a professionally self-published novel, available for purchase everywhere. The ups and downs of the writing process finally leveled out and brought me to where I am in this moment.

As I reflect on the project, I think about the other moments that happened along the way. One moment sticks out in particular. However, I don't think it was one that anyone would expect. Yet it was the moment when it really began to sink in that I would see the project all the way through.

I imagined the turning point to be when I first saw the professional cover design. The designers put so much that into it and I think it made for a great product. Or maybe it would be the first time I heard somebody say that my determination to write a novel, even as a full-time graduate student with a part time job, inspired them to begin or continue writing. Another could have been the first time I read an excerpt out loud to an audience. Don't get me wrong, these were all amazing moments, but to me... they weren't THAT moment.

THAT moment, the one that truly had an effect on me, was while I was working on the internal formatting. It doesn't seem like much, I'm not writing the plot twist or selling out at a book fair. But there was something about that moment when I looked at the preview for the internal format. This was, for me, the moment Immortal Peace stopped looking a manuscript, and began looking like a book. As much as I dreaded this part of the process, and wanted to just pay someone else to do it, I believe I made the right choice in taking it upon myself. From the font style, to the amount of spaces between the chapter number and the first line, I was fortunate enough to put my spin on everything within the novel. I never would have expected that the little things, such as internal formatting, would bring about the most excitement.

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