The Year of New Experiences: January



2019 is looking to be a great year of new experiences in my life. With this theme in mind, I've decided to push myself a step further. My goal is to try one new thing every day, in hopes of pushing my limits and learning more about the world and myself along the way. The month of January was a success; I tried something new daily, and posted about it on social media every day except for one. Below are some of the highlights, and I will continue to document them throughout the year.


1. Teaching Sport Psychology


As a doctoral student, I have the opportunity to teach as part of my graduate assistantship to pay for school. This semester, I teach an introductory sport psychology class for the first time. This is huge in my Year of New Experiences because I will likely teach this course for years to come in my career. I can only hope to spark a passion for the subject with my students that I found when I was in their place.


2. My first RPG


As a sci-fi lover, I've always been interested in Dungeons and Dragons. Over new years, my girlfriend's sister's boyfriend helped us create characters and we have now played an RPG similar to D&D on two occasions. My character, a light-hearted gnome magi, has befriended a demon sorceress, thwarted a clan of goblins, and protected a city from the undead. I probably shouldn't play as much as I have been, considering the time commitment of my doctoral program, but sometimes I get obsessed. Hopefully I can be as obsessed with the new experience challenge as I am with this RPG.



3. Literary Cocktails


My girlfriend (Ashley) bought me a book a few years ago: Tequila Mockingbird. The book has various cocktails inspired by literary classics. I decided this would be the year to try and create every drink (or at least most) by the end of the year. My favorite so far is called "Are You There God? It's Me, Magarita."


Notable mentions:

A free class at a local boxing gym, eggplant bacon, and painting with palette knives.



As the year continues, not only will it grow more difficult to think of new experiences every day, but I will also hope to push my limits further and even take risks. I'm open to suggestions and hope you'll come along on this journey. Maybe you'll even find some ideas for new things to try!

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