Westworld is the First Annual Hunger Games!


I’ve been contemplating the possible connection between Westworld and Hunger Games since the first season of Westworld. On the surface there are some clear similarities: The characters of Bernard and Beetee (from Westworld and Hunger Games, respectively), are both played by Jeffrey Wright; and similar technology is used by the Gamemakers in Hunger Games as in the control room in Westworld.


Admittedly, I’m not the first to ask whether Westworld and Hunger Games are part of the same universe, but I’ve continued to wrack my brain on the subject and think I’ve figured it out.

Let’s start with a spoiler of Westworld season one: Bernard is actually a host (robot) that Robert Ford built based on Arnold, Ford’s co-creator of Westworld. We also know from season one that Bernard/Arnold has memories of a son who passed away from terminal illness at a young age. There is even a photograph we see of Arnold’s son in the Season 2 finale. My first premise is that this memory of a lost son created a strong desire to procreate. (Stick with me here and it’ll all make sense)


Rather than use a Blade Runner 2049 “miracle” to explain how this is possible, I will admit that Bernard is incapable of human procreation. However, he is capable of creating more hosts, and can base them off of himself or his son. Rather than procreating through traditional means, Bernard procreates by making other versions of himself. We already know this has been done before as there are multiple Bernard hosts, and we could assume that Beetee (from Hunger Games) is just another version of Bernard (which makes sense because of how skilled Beetee is with electronics and the like). In this joint universe, it turns out Bernard/Beetee is sort of the ongoing host hero. We’ll come back to this, but keep it in mind for now.


Season two of Westworld depicts the struggle between hosts and humans trapped in the park. At the end of season 2, there are only a handful of active hosts in the real world. This far in the series, I could argue that the hosts – especially Bernard and Dolores – create more of themselves in order to rebel again if ever possible.

Here’s where Westworld meets Hunger Games. This battle for Delos is the so-called “rebellion” that occurred almost a century before the events of the first Hunger Games novel. In this universe, Delos Island and Panem are the same place! (I know Panem is based on the United States, but I’m pretty sure that is not stated anywhere in the book. Panem as Delos Island is just another possible interpretation, no different than Panem as the US).


I believe the only true humans in Hunger Games are the people of the Capitol. The Districts are filled with hosts who are not self-aware. The Capitol holds the Hunger Games every year to make sure the Districts/hosts continue to be submissive and hopefully do not rebel again the way we see in the Westworld series.

A common theme from the Westworld series is Bernard struggling to choose a side, now that he is a self-aware robot with the memories of a real human. In the season finale, Bernard realizes he should have taken Dolores’ side in the fight against the humans, which sets the events in motion for the big reveal of season 2 (Charlotte Hale is the Trojan horse for Dolores).

Bernard's sympathetic feelings, along with his protective instincts over himself and his son, continue leading up to the events of the first Hunger Games book. We have Bernard/Beetee siding more with the hosts/districts than his previous versions. He’s hiding in District 3, where their specialty is electronics and technology. They make televisions, radios, etc. Could they also be making hosts?

I think it is possible for hosts in District 3 to work in a host-building factory without fully being aware this is what they are doing (with that whole “it doesn’t look like anything to me” phenomenon). Could humans be the masterminds behind hosts creating themselves to populate Delos/Panem, or are hosts choosing to do this? I’m not sure. We do know Bernard, Dolores, etc. are self-aware, so they have some foresight and control over host-making even if no other hosts do.

Arnold had a talent for building paradigm-shifting characters and stories. This is evident from the Wyatt storyline Arnold created in hopes of preventing Westworld from opening in the first place. This is also pivotal to my theory.


Bernard/Beetee, now sympathetic toward hosts, thinks of a new storyline, and goes to work to create the events of the 74th Hunger Games (Book 1 of the series). Suzanne Collins is just the scribe who recounts the events Bernard wrote into existence.


Key players are based off what Bernard already knows: Katniss Everdeen is based on Dolores, and Rue is based on Maeve/Maeve's daughter. I’ve always wondered why Rue took such a liking to Katniss in the Hunger Games. Could the unexplained chemistry between them have been caused by Bernard basing Katniss and Rue off of Dolores and Maeve, two other hosts in Westworld who were fully self-aware?

I first started writing this after episode 4 of Westworld season 2. Lo and behold, my favorite reveal in the season 2 finale is that ASHLEY STUBBS IS ALSO A SELF-AWARE HOST!! I couldn’t have asked for a better way to bring this theory together. Not only are Katniss and Rue based off self-aware hosts, but Gale Hawthorne as well! Fun fact...both characters are played by Hemsworth brothers.



"But Tyler, what about Akecheta?" you may be asking. "He was another fully self-aware host and has nobody Bernard based on him in Hunger Games."


This is true, but at no point does Bernard know of Akecheta’s self-awareness. He definitely knows about Dolores and Maeve, and if he doesn’t know about Stubbs yet he will soon. Kind of a…it’s a small world when there are only four hosts…kind of thing. However he does not come face-to-face with Akecheta, and likely won’t now that Akecheta is in the Valley Beyond...or whatever name you’d prefer to use.

Fast-forward to the very end of the Hunger Games trilogy. The Katniss storyline plays out just as Bernard had planned. Bernard is about to become the behind-the scenes hero (for the hosts) and Katniss/Dolores is about to execute President Snow (who, according to my theory, is currently the leader of the humans). Once Katniss kills snow, the humans/Capitol will no longer have full control of the hosts/districts. Then something happens that Bernard never expected…Katniss turns her bow on President Alma Coin.


Hunger Games offers one explanation, that former future-President Coin was just as power-hungry as Snow, but I have another explanation I will pose in the form of a question.

Was President coin a human spy sent by the humans in the Capitol? Could it be that District 13 really didn’t exist before the 74th Hunger Games, but humans placed some of their own kind there in hopes of taking charge of the hosts, even if the Capitol lost the war? Did Katniss know something Bernard didn’t? Was Wyatt/Dolores making one more appearance, taking aim at any threat and firing without hesitation?

Either way, it doesn’t seem the battle between humans and hosts ends with Mockingjay, let alone with Westworld. Sounds like the Man in the Black Hat got his way after all.



This theory may not be air-tight, but it’s mine and I had fun conceptualizing it as I finished Westworld season 2. What are your thoughts? Any other evidence to back up this theory? Or do you think it's all a bunch of bull?

Let me know, and feel free to tell me your theories. I love talking Westworld and am excited for what’s to come in season 3!

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