It is difficult to imagine a story about zombies, vampires, or aliens that has not already been told many times over. Immortal Peace puts a twist on the common genre of science fiction by combining the elements of multiple well-known concepts. This story follows Mario Ramirez, a family man in Chicago, as he and his family witness the world erupt when aliens appear on Earth, not with a warning of waging war, but with a peace offering. The Gift is a promising medicinal panacea. When scientists first study the vaccine, they immediately find the potential value of the drug. Unbeknownst to the world, this medicine has some latent adverse side effects that are in no way beneficial. Now the world must wonder whether the Gift is a genuine act of kindness, or possibly the most complex military coup known to mankind.

Immortal Peace is currently available as an eBook and in paperback on Amazon, ibooks, and Barnes and Noble.


Interview with a Bank Robber. Available to read for free on

Liam Peirce was not your typical bank robber. A young journalism student, Marcus, takes it upon himself to interview the man just four years after the end of his successful career. Marcus is taken back through the story of Liam's rise and fall, from the time he robbed an ice-cream truck in middle school to the maelstrom of his final job. All the while, Liam had run-ins with drug dealers as well as cops, and managed to come out of the whole fiasco unscathed. Or did he?

This is a fun read that I wrote for practice. No professional editing, just raw material, but I enjoyed putting it all together. Follow the link and enjoy.