Peachy Keen Book Reviews

I found “Immortal Peace” to be an extremely original story.  Even though there are many stories out there concerning aliens, I thought that this story was not cheesy in any way.  Instead, it was believable and awe inspiring.

As I read the first page of the novel, I could already tell how good of an author Tyler S. Harris is.  His words flowed effortlessly and I was gripped by the story line that followed the family in question.  Based on the first couple of pages, I couldn’t tell that this story was about aliens and science fiction, which added that surprise element that I always love in a good novel.  Not to mention that the concept of vaccines and their validity is very hot right now, not only in the writing world, but in current events as well.  This book is sure to capture the attention of anyone with a strong opinion about vaccines and the side effects of such.

Science fiction is a huge genre, and there are many books out there that can become similar and make the reader question their originality, but I didn’t see that when I was reading this novel.  I loved how the structure of the family was incorporated with the science fiction elements, so that the reader could connect to the story better.  Many times if a novel is too far fetched, the reader has a hard time connecting to the story, but “Immortal Peace” forces the author to connect with it and go through the events that the characters are put through.

I was very impressed with this novel, and have a feeling that science fiction enthusiasts will have the same reaction.  A rating of 5/5 is well deserved.


This author started out uncomfortably, I thought, trying to put too much of everything he has learned into his writing. But once you get past the beginning and he relaxes into his story. this is definitely worth the read. I hope he has more stories and gets more comfortable telling them.